Established in 1999, Concept Schools (CS) is where we began and where we still call home. Concept Schools is a management company that reshapes K-12 education through the use of the Concept Schools design.

After operating as a Charter Management Organization for nearly 20 years, Concept Schools underwent a major rebrand and we were there every step of the way. The new mission and vision expanded the outlook of the organization from K-12 schools in the Midwest to offering exceptional programs, comprehensive services, and opportunities to partner in education.

Growing from an education provider to an educational partner, Concept Schools sees itself as a solution to the growing problem of education in the U.S: providing a holistic education that starts in preschool and continues beyond secondary education.

The new mission and vision evokes images of piecing together the parts of education and career as well as moving forward as an organization and society. This is where the pieces of the logo resemble puzzle pieces and the triangle facing forward resembles an arrow.

In addition to a new logo, CS is in the process of overhauling everything they do in regards to branding. Rebranding is a long and arduous process, but we are excited and ready to come alongside CS as they embark on the endeavor.


Concept Schools


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